Our film and editing workshops aims to provide people  with a thorough, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of film-making. Students can take part in any number of practical film-making workshops which cover all aspects of photography and film production. Students gain technical and creative understanding of production processes, learn on-set working practices and develop an understanding of visual storytelling techniques.

These courses cover everything from the basics of image capture through to sound, direction, story, and editing. Students will get hands-on experience shooting a selection of scenes and working with a crew and will leave with a finish short or portfolio.

These are fun, challenging and exciting programmes designed for aspiring photographers or filmmakers who want to learn from professionals and develop good working skills.

Popular workshops

Creative Filmmaking

Stop-Motion Animation

Reel TV Production

Young people become Directors, Filmmakers and Movie-stars as they work together to make several short fun projects culminating in larger production. Young people utilize professional equipment, lights and green screens, as they plan, shoot, write and edit projects ranging from music videos to silent and scripted films.

Adventures in Animation is for the maker in all of us. Young people explore their creativity by utilizing a variety of materials to build props , characters, and fantastical mini movie sets to feature in their very own stop- motion animation films. Young people even learn to add sound and special effects to their films as they work on post-production.

Music Videos


In this class, students will become Art Directors,Video Editors, Directors, Cinematographers, and Movie-stars as they work in teams to create music videos. Young people will learn to utilize professional equipment including tripods, green screens, lights, and a variety of Art Direction props, to find their creative voice through film. We encourage participants to try new things, take risks, and learn by doing.

Young people learn to master the Adobe Suite, as they learn to design, draw, and then computerize animated characters to make short films. From puppetry, to live-motion capture, kids will learn all the professional techniques of computer animation.

Join Film club and learn how to produce an original tv show to be broadcast on Public Television and YouTube!  Together, young people will create their very own series—planning art direction, storyboarding, filming, and editing several 28 minute-long shows.  Projects will be shared on the our YouTube channel and on social media.

Creative Filmmaking II

This is the advanced Filmmaking class for those who have taken our classes before. Children dive deeper into pre-production, productions and post-production filmmaking techniques used in professional settings.

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