Eat, Pray, Traffic

February 1, 2016

 Ubud is a spiritual place, a place of magik, a place of enlightenment, a place for contemplation, yoga, vegan food, meditation and oneness. It is a place of mystical mindfulness, a place of progression and development and a fuck load of traffic. In fact there is not one place in Ubud where you can't hear the noise of horns and revving engines and not one health food, raw, vegan, holistic restaurant where your spirilina shake is not fused with carbon monoxide. For Ubud is drowning in yogis and wannabe gurus, Jesus lookalikes riding Hondas and drowning in car fumes.


Its the elephant on the scooter revving his engine in the room that no-one wants to talk about, Well they might want to talk about it but its difficult to talk over all the f$$king noise. "Oh Ubud is soooo peaceful and serene"

WTF you guys must be on a different dimenisional plain to me for although I've met some amazing people (& some complete twats who while giving it large about meaningful relationships by day are cruising Tindr by night), Ubud itself is a sea of concrete and imported "Eco" products. Ubud is a spiritual supermarket and has taken paradise and put up a parking lot. A place where valets will park your car allowing you to go in for your weekly or daily yoga fix. Now some of you who may be reading this will be thinking "No man you've just got to see through the mist and discover the real Ubud, the real message" well the mist is not some smoking mirror its a belching exhaust pipe and the air you breathe on your yoga breathe is 20 Marlboro ciggies or equivilant courtesy of the truck delivering your non GM organic wheat shake ingrediants.

Now, indeed that just might be the message for as you sit in traffic trying to get to your levitation, kundilini, tantra workshop you have to surrender, you have to let go, you have to be forgiving of the guy, who black smoke pouring out of his diesel truck cuts you up...peace be with you brother...So although people make a place and certainly there are a lot of beautiful people here in this spiritual on steriods Ubud, its the traffic that really f$$ks it up. Eat organic, pray to the god of the month and sit in traffic.      


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