It's all a trip.

March 10, 2016


This is a story that happened to me recently and it involves sex, drugs, adventure and rock 'n' roll. It's all true but in many ways it happened on another dimension and even now the images are fading. I need to try to put them down on "digital paper" to try to cement them. It all started about 11 months ago when I was hanging out with my friends in this lovely little club and someone suggested I try this new drug, the promise of which was an adventure like no other, a journey from which my life would never be the same. Well being a being of curiosity I thought why not, I'll give it a go, so I did. I was enjoying the company in this club, what with the banging music and cramped but friendly dance floor, I thought great some mind expanding drug to enhanse the evening that'll be a trip. Well little did I know where it would take me. If you've ever taken drugs at a party you'll know that they take a little time to kick in but these drugs had an almost immediate effect and it felt like the whole place had taken the same dose. The rythmn of the music was increasing the excitment. The unseen but amazing DJ increasing the volumne and speed of the hypnotic beats driving the crowd into a trance like frenzy accumulating in a cresendo of spiritual ectasy and then BOOM!

The doors to the club opened and a stampede of party goers rushed for the door. I lost my friends in an instance and was pushed along with the torrent of flow...Outside the club the atmosphere was completely different and not friendly at all. People were pushing and shoving as they tried to exit, tramping over fallen bodies. A whisper, a rumour flowed through the crowd like wild after party was happening down the was the place to be...the must be place to get to but it had a very exclusive guest list. We could see the club at the end of the road pulsating, glowing calling us, no demanding we come. It was not to be denied. Now I must say at this point I never thought I was a violent person but something in those drugs that I took must of brought up emotions I didn't know I had. For I needed to get to that club and I didn't care who I trod on to get there. I'm not ashamed to say that I pushed and shoved, battered and pulled my way to the front of the crowd in the scamble onwards. I have never experienced a drug like this one which pulsated through my body in waves of exctiment and violence. I needed to be there and I was determine to be on the guest list no matter what. I could feel the inmense crowd around me, I could feel the competetiveness, I could taste the anger even in the air. 

The club already looked amazing from this distance. You could sense the adventure that lay within its walls. I didn't dare look back as I surged onwards. I saw people being pulled back, people being beaten, people being stamped on as a mob mentality took over all of our senses. The things I saw that night give me shivers even now and I must confess that I too did some unspeakable things to fellow ravers but it didn't matter, for the only thing that did matter was entry to that club and I was on the guest list...I had to be. The first group of us arrived at the club and slamed into the walls with a deafening thud. There didn't seem to be a door as such and no windows but you could feel its power you could feel the tempation within. Frantically I searched for a way in, my panic increasing for I needed this like I'd never needed anything before, my whole being was on fire...

I could feel the intensity of the crowd around me and felt them pushing at my back but there, not noticed by anyone else was a door camoflaged but there nevertheless there. I ran for it and barged in. Bang the door slamed behind me...I was alone.

Tune in next time for more adventures of my drug fuelled journey.

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