So you’ve tried several marketing techniques. Some have been effective, others not so much. And you’re now looking at other marketing methods.

5 reasons your video marketing will benefit your business

People are watching
Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month. That means, your customers are watching. Promos, How-to videos, advertisements, testimonials, viral videos. Everything’s being watched! You want and need to be seen! You are not making them do anything more strenuous than watch a screen. 

It’s the best way to sell
How easy is it to make a decision when we can actually see what we are buying in action?! Video is the perfect way to showcase your product/ business at its best.
The more people know about you and your product the more they realise you are a match! 

It’s easily shared 
People share videos more than anything else. Videos are so easily and frequently shared across all forms of social media, Vimeo,face book, Twitter, YouTube etc. A good video could end up with thousands of shares meaning thousands of opportunities to expose your business.

You can track your marketing success
When viewing your uploaded video and you can see how many people have viewed it, how many times it was shared, how many people like it and so on. You can keep on top of your marketing success, see what works, who's watching and adapt if necessary. Take control of your advertising!

Visitors stay on your website
Research shows that more than three out of five consumers will invest two minutes in a video that explains a product they are thinking of purchasing whilst 37% will watch for over three. People almost expect a virtual experience online. Show you are at the top of your game with a fantastic promo!

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